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El Fogon Restaurant is a local family restaurant offering traditional Belizean Food, the best in Belize Cuisine, cooked by fire hearth with decades of experience!

The restaurant was founded by the Arceo-Eiley family in the early 2000’s. Growing up in a beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, “La Isla Bonita”, witnessing all the developing changes, the Arceo-Eiley family wanted to maintain and preserve the authenticity of their childhood upbringing. One of Belize’s household necessities was and for some still is “El Fogon Restaurant”. Before, “El Fogon” meant the only form of energy in a household; from lighting at night, to warm water for cooking, bathing and was also a form of heating and comfort on a stormy season.

“El Fogon” today is a fire pit/firewood stove used for cooking everything from Stews, Soups and lots of popular game meats. El Fogon Restaurant offers lots of traditional Belizean dishes that has been in local Belizean’s diet for decades. Up to today, more than half of Belize’s population owns, uses and enjoy cooking, stewing and grilling on a “Fogon”.

El Fogon Restaurant was built to resemble an old fashioned kitchen that the islanders and Belizeans in general grew up with.

We welcome you to be part of a Belizean experience that celebrates tradition and culture of a never ending melting pot.

Welcome to El Fogon Restaurant, Welcome to Belize!




11:00AM – 6:30PM for Lunch & Dinner


By Reservation Only!  Group of 4 or more.  Last Seating at 6:30pm!!


Closed on Sundays


Call: +501-280-2626

Reservations via Chat

belizean food menu

El Fogon specializes in traditional Belizean Food, the best in Authentic Belizean Cuisine, cooked by fire hearth, with decades of experience!

Below is our Lunch and Dinner Menus.  Please be advised that due to the Covid-19 regulations require us to be closed by 7:30pm.  The latest time for a reservation would be 6:30pm.


Lunch Menu

Offering Belizean, Mexican and Seafood plates cooked by firehearth.


Dinner Menu

Enjoy the best of "Authentic Belizean Cuisine" in Ambergris Caye.

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