El Fogon - Belizean Food at its Best!

El Fogon means "The Fire Hearth".
We specialize in the Belizean food cooked the old fashioned way with fire wood in the open.

It is our intention to preserve our Belizean culture and give a little taste to our visitors far and wide.  We offer restaurant specials and are proud winners of the 2016 Lobster Fest in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

El Fogon Award Winning Lobster Dish for Lobster Fest
Crab Claw Soup at El Fogon
Baking Rice Over El Fogon
Tacos At El Fogon
Fried Fish At El Fogon
Girls at El Fogon
Table Seating at El Fogon
Stew - El Fogon
Conch Soup at El Fogon


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